Group Classes, an affordable option. 

For those looking for a low budget option to learn a Filipino language, group classes are an excellent solution. In groups of 5 or 10 people, you can participate with as low as 2 USD per hour. 

Learn From Home

Class Offerings

We offer two options for our group classes, you can either join a small class of 5 or a group of 10. For the group of 5, it is 4 USD per hour and the classes will be conducted through video chat on a platform of your choice. For the group of 10, it is 2 USD per hour and the classes will be conducted on a group chat and interactions will take place via typing.

How does it work?

Pay and select a date and time when you will be available for your training. Once there are enough participants for your time slot you will receive a confirmation message from us. Please be aware that you can’t cancel and will not receive a refund once classes have started because your instructor still has to be present even if you do not show up. 


Advantages of Group Classes


Low hour rates

Get the opportunity to Learn a Filipino language for as low as 4 USD per hour. 


Flexible schedules

Plan your own schedule. Teacher are available 24/7 to make it convenient for you. 


Professional teachers

Benefit from being trained by highly skilled Filipino teachers. 


Focus on dating and cultural skills

Learn how to understand the Filipino people and interact with them in a highly effective way. 

For Expats living in The Philippines

You often require basic knowledge of local Filipino languages when you are living in the Philippines. Many shop owners and other individuals, who you need to communicate with on a daily basis, may not speak English. Filipino languages are very easy to pick up and learning the basics of them can make your life much easier. 

For those who want to find a partner online

You have probably already noticed that it is not that easy to find a Filipino girlfriend or wife online. Language and culture barrier can create misunderstandings very quickly. We can teach you how to communicate with Filipinos in such a way that they become interested in you. 

For those who want to visit the Philippines 

Visiting the Philippines can be an amazing experience. Especially when you go into the province and see the natural beauty of the country. Learning a bit of a Filipino language can be of great help to you because many Filipinos do not speak English.